When you book a cosmetic procedure, you have a range of options, including medical practitioners. However, even skilled providers aren’t necessarily the right person to offer cosmetic enhancements and fillers. There are several reasons why a general practitioner or clinic that administers a wide variety of procedures may not be the best option for you. Here’s why an aesthetic nurse is an ideal practitioner to meet your goals while enjoying a positive experience. 

What Is an Aesthetic Nurse?

An aesthetic nurse performs or assists with cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. They’re still trained with healthcare knowledge to offer the safest treatment possible and monitor for any issues after a procedure. Depending on the aesthetic nurse you work with, they administer treatments including BOTOX injections and cosmetic fillers like Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse, and Belotero.

They Specialize in Cosmetic Fillers and Enhancements

There are rules and regulations about who can legally administer cosmetic filler and enhancements. A physician, physician assistant, dentist, registered nurse, or another licensed healthcare practitioner is allowed to administer cosmetic fillers and enhancements. However, this does not mean they have extensive experience in the field or are passionate about the work involved. An aesthetic nurse is not a generalist who practices a broad range of healthcare procedures. They are experts in cosmetic fillers, and aesthetic enhancements are trained under some of the best leaders in their industry. Our team of aesthetic nurses regularly updates their training and knowledge base to offer the best solutions and care to our patients.

An Aesthetic Nurse is Patient-Focused

Nurses are known for their patient-focused care and training, and an aesthetic nurse is no different. Our team is focused on you, your goals for your face and body, and your comfort. Unlike doctors whose job is to diagnose, prescribe, or perform aesthetic surgery, nurses have a different focus. They are trained and accustomed to spending more time with their patients and focusing on their overall well-being. You’re still likely to get excellent care under a doctor, but when it comes to fillers and cosmetic enhancements, an aesthetic nurse is highly skilled in both patient well-being and their results.

They’re Focused on Results

Aesthetic enhancements should always be a results-driven procedure. Simply focusing on administering the BOTOX or fillers is only the first step. Your aesthetic nurse should walk through options, your goals, and a treatment plan during your consultation. A skilled aesthetic nurse knows that long-lasting results are paramount for your satisfaction.

They Love Improving Your Quality of Life

Cosmetic procedures like fillers help can improve the quality of your life almost immediately. Beyond filling in wrinkles and helping sagging skin, procedures like BOTOX can also help address chronic sweating under your arms and on your feet and palms. Unlike many other medical procedures, cosmetic enhancements can help address problem areas and restore your confidence. 

Jan Costa - Aesthetic NurseThey Don’t Pressure Patients

Specializing in an area of aesthetic medicine, like fillers and BOTOX, means your aesthetic nurse is focused on a specific procedure and the desired results. However, some cosmetic surgeons will also suggest a variety of options, from tummy tucks to breast augmentation. Although those procedures may be appropriate and beneficial to an individual patient, you won’t get that kind of upsell and pressure from an aesthetic nurse that is focused on cosmetic enhancements. Our clinic is focused on providing you the best service and results possible from BOTOX and fillers. 

Why Choose Just Aesthetic Nursing?

Just Aesthetic Nursing (JAN) are experienced and skilled medical professionals that strive to deliver results with a noticeable impact. We offer the most advanced technologies and are committed to the highest expectations in safety and trust. If you’re ready to experience the results of Botox in Lehigh Valley, contact us today to schedule a consultation.