Growing older may mean more wisdom and experience but also comes with signs of aging. Instead of dealing with wrinkles and drooping areas on your face, turn to fillers and injectables that can address problem areas and restore your confidence. Here’s what to know and how to make an investment in your appearance.

They’ve Both Minimally Invasive

Botox in Lehigh ValleyAfter a consultation to understand your goals, the aesthetic nurses come up with a treatment plan to address your concerns and work on the desired effects. Unlike surgery, fillers and injectables are minimally invasive procedures that can be done in a clinic or medical facility. The process is relatively pain-free with the help of some numbing cream and an experienced aesthetic nursing team.

They Both Offer Quick Recovery Time

Cosmetic surgery and facelifts usually come with a significant recovery time and ongoing swelling. Fillers and injectables are both quick, relatively painless, and do not require downtime. You can return to work the same day, however, you may experience some minimal swelling and bruising. The team at Just Aesthetic Nursing recommends scheduling your fillers and injectables two weeks before an important event.

The Results Look Natural

Injectables and fillers are popular because they look natural. Instead of appearing that you had a facelift or significant cosmetic surgery, our non-invasive treatments enhance your natural look. Depending on your goals, our team continues with minor updates and additional treatments to keep the natural, youthful appearance you’re looking for.

They Both Require Skilled Medical Professionals

Not just anyone can administer BOTOX injections and dermal fillers like Sculptra, and they must be administered by a physician, physician’s assistant, dentist, registered nurse, or licensed healthcare practitioner. However, there is a difference between being licensed to perform the procedures and being skilled at cosmetic enhancements. Your medical team should also have years of experience understanding how aesthetic medicine works to achieve the best results possible. Our team of aesthetic nurses are trained and experienced in aesthetic medicine and have trained under the best professionals in the industry.

Injectables Smooth Dynamic Lines and Wrinkles

There are a few essential differences between injectables and fillers, starting with addressing your wrinkles and achieving results. BOTOX injections block specific chemical signals that cause your muscles to contract and cause wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes and other areas of your face. BOTOX can also be used to reduce chronic sweating under your arms, palms, and feet.

Fillers Work on Wrinkles Seen at Rest

Unlike injectables, fillers can address wrinkles that are seen at rest. Those permanent lines around your mouth or forehead can be smoothed with the help of dermal fillers. These fillers usually contain collagen, a naturally occurring substance in your body that diminishes as you age. Your aesthetic nurse may recommend either an injectable or filler or a possible combination to address problem areas and help achieve your long-term goals for your appearance.

Fillers Achieve Some of the Results Face Lifts Offer

Dermal fillers can be used to enhance your appearance and achieve a similar look as a facelift. Instead of relying on surgery to lift your hips, smooth your forehead to give the appearance of a lift or address lines around your mouth, fillers can help. However, they are not the same thing as a facelift. For example, fillers cannot lift facial muscles or address excess skin.

Why Choose Just Aesthetic Nursing?

Just Aesthetic Nursing (JAN) are experienced and skilled medical professionals that strive to deliver results with a noticeable impact. We offer the most advanced technologies and are committed to the highest expectations in safety and trust. If you’re ready to experience the results of fillers and injectables, contact us today to schedule a consultation.