Are you looking to enhance your appearance with the help of a medical spa? Before you book your next service, learn what to look for and what to expect from your aesthetic team. 

Define Your Goals

Smiling woman - Sculptra Lehigh ValleyEveryone has different goals for their appearance. Make a list of your expectations and what you hope to achieve from a cosmetic procedure or medical spa treatment. Reducing fine lines, plumping your lips, and reshaping your thighs are just a few places to start.

An excellent med spa practitioner will thoroughly explain all of your options, costs, and the time frames needed to achieve your desired results. They can also suggest less invasive ways to achieve the same results and align available options with your budget. 

Choose a Specialized Medical Spa

Some people use MedSpa and Medical Spa to mean various things, from weight loss to surgical procedures. Some treatment centers also offer a long list of cosmetic enhancements on their menu of services. But a one-stop approach to all of your needs isn’t usually your best bet.

Instead, look for a medical spa that specializes in specific areas and are knowledgeable in their craft. For example, the team at Just Aesthetic Nursing offers fillers, Botox, lip enhancements and can also discuss shaping and contouring with Sculptra. We don’t provide tummy tucks and surgical options and instead specialize in reasonably priced cosmetic enhancements that impact how you look and your confidence. 

Ask About Individualized Treatment Plans

Everyone’s face and skin are unique, and there should never be a one-stop-shop for cosmetic treatments. Always ask about treatment plans that cater to your specific needs and goals. Your team of aesthetic professionals should come to the table with options that are both realistic and achieve the results you’re looking for. 

Look for Expert Staff

Not all medical spa staff are created equally. Fillers must be performed by a medical professional, including a nurse or physician’s assistant. However, many come into the field with little practical experience in the aesthetic industry. The owner at Just Aesthetic Nursing is an aesthetic nurse specialist who has trained under the top aesthetic injectors internationally.

The rest of the team at Just Aesthetic Nursing are also aesthetic nurse specialists who go through ongoing training to help clients achieve the most natural-looking enhancements as possible while reaching their goals. 

Check the Reviews

Your medical spa should have public, online reviews that reflect the care and service you deserve. Pay attention to details about the process, how well the practitioner listened, and the desired results. Here are just some of the reviews Just Aesthetic Nursing.

“Jan is amazing!!! Not only is she down to earth and extremely knowledgeable, but she’s continuously furthering her education to make sure her techniques are the latest and greatest. Thank you! – Jennifer Cabrera (Sculptra treatment)

“What a great experience to have someone so knowledgeable on creating the perfect look for each individual client. My lips look amazing, and she gave me exactly what I asked for!!! Great customer service and bedside as well!!!” – Melissa Ann (Kybella treatment)

Research the Pricing

Botox Fillers AllentownToo good to be true prices are a red flag and could lead to a poor or even dangerous experience at your medical spa of choice. Injectables, dermal fillers, and treatments like Botox and Sculptra should never offer rock bottom pricing. It could be a sign you’re using a spa without experience or using counterfeit products.

Instead, look for prices that are competitive to your local market. It’s okay to look for affordability, but medical spa pricing should reflect the market demand in your area. 

Exercise Caution with Pushy Providers

Cosmetic procedures, aesthetic medicine, and enhancements are not for everyone. Your provider should be direct, knowledgeable, and offer realistic solutions for your goals. If your provider is ever pushy or demanding, it’s a red flag. Only work with aesthetic providers that value your business and care. At Just Aesthetic Nursing, we exercise a customer-focused philosophy to ensure you’re always comfortable with the process. 

Next Steps

Are you ready to take the next step in your medical spa journey and enhance your natural beauty? Contact the team at Just Aesthetic Nursing to discuss your goals and next steps.